Who else can benefit from Gym Acid™ besides the gym junkies?
Literally anyone that wants cleaner, revitalized and more resilient skin!

But here are some examples:

  • People who run hot/sweaty as a skin refresh/cleanse, and to eliminate odour-causing bacteria, neutralizing both the microbes responsible for the unpleasant scent and the body odour they produce.
  • Athletes. Similar to gym rats, sweating during a long intense game and trapping bacteria in your dirty gear directly against your skin. Pre-spray to help with your skin hygiene and focus on the game, even give your gear a post game spray to fight odour causing bacteria.
  • Menopausal woman with hot flashes and body sweats
  • Acne prone skin people looking to help clean & soothe skin throughout the day
  • Bodybuilders on performance-enhancing substances suffering from hormonal acne looking to deep clean pores and soothe skin throughout the day.
  • Anyone wanting to kill odour causing bacteria on your body between places that may fold or trap sweat and bacteria to keep fresh through the day. *External use only
  • Outdoor Enthusiasts on a hiking or camping trip and won't be able to shower. Gym Acid can help cleanse skin during your adventure.
  • Blue Collar workers, the ones wearing coveralls and hot gear all day long, working in dusty/dirty work places. Give your skin a chance in that environment with some pre/during/post spritzes to have your skin feeling and looking great
  • Healthcare Professionals that are wearing PPE trapping in sweat/moisture and bacteria causing maskne, great for pre and post-mask face cleansing.
  • Frequent travellers, for businesses or leisure, often face challenges related to maintaining their skincare routine on the go. Air travel, in particular, can lead to dry and dehydrated skin due to the low humidity in airplane cabins. Additionally, exposure to different climates and time zones can stress the skin