Gym Acid Story

I'd like to welcome you to my world with Gym Acid™, where necessity drove me to innovate. My journey started in 2016, when life threw me a curveball – permanent brain damage due to meningitis and severe encephalitis. The aftermath of this ordeal left me with a persistent challenge amongst others: I couldn't regulate my body heat. I was always uncomfortably hot and constantly sweating, affecting my skin. But despite this setback, I refused to give up my passion for the gym and lifting weights.

Determined not to let my condition dictate my life, I embarked on a relentless quest to find a solution. Countless hours of research and experimentation eventually led me to a game-changing discovery – Hypochlorous Acid. This natural compound held the promise of offering relief from my constant discomfort and skin flare-ups.

Fueled by my desire to share this life-altering solution with others, I founded Gym Acid. My mission is straightforward: to provide a safe, effective, and accessible solution to individuals like me who want to regain control over their lives and skin.

You sculpt your body, your skin deserves equal attention. Achieve clean, radiant skin to flaunt your hard work. To a future of fitness, strength, and confidence.

Logan Lacombe
Founder, Gym Acid™